For anyone who loves to shoot hoops, there’s nothing better than to step outside of your house and into your backyard or driveway and start throwing up some shots. And you don’t even need anyone else to play with. Sure it would be fun to play a little one on one or three on three, but you can have fun even if it’s just you and the hoop.

So if you’re ready to make an investment in a basketball hoop that fits your needs, there are some things you should know about the different types that are available to choose from. Here are some pros and cons and also some valuable information of hoops that we’ve researched.


Basketball Hoops


Portable hoops are popular in that they can be moved when needed and are much easier to install. The base in normally filled with liquid or sand to keep the hoop stable. However, on the negative side, the unit has a tendency to shake and vibrate more than a type that is more solidly installed.


These hoop types are placed into the ground and typically secured with concrete. That makes them much more stable than a portable system. Installation is a bit more difficult since you will need to make sure the system is level before the cement dries. Also, because it is a more permanent install, it may not be the best choice for someone who may be moving out of that location within a short time.


Becoming less popular due to the portable systems, a wall-mount system is still an option if you have a wall or garage next to a driveway where you can play. They are fairly stable but if placed on an attached garage may cause noise for those in the house when you are playing.


Backboard Types

Polycarbonate or Plastic

These types of backboards tend to come with the less expensive systems sold today. On the plus side, they are durable and hold up well to weather conditions. However, from a performance standpoint, these backboards do not perform well as the ball will not come off the board with much force and can shake.


These backboards are also known for their sturdiness. Cast acrylic backboards are a cut above their plastic counterparts and are priced in the mid-tier range. But you will still not get the true rebound off the this board that you would on a glass backboard and you will still see some shake in the board as well. They are also prone to scratches and are still not quite as durable as the glass backboard would be.

Tempered Glass

Although this is the most costly type available, the tempered glass backboard is the best on the market and is used in gyms around the country. Players will find this provides the truest performance of any backboard and is recommended for serious basketball players who want to simulate real conditions with their home basketball hoop. Cost would be the only real downside.


Backboard Sizes

Another thing to consider when shopping for a basketball hoop system is the size of the backboard you want. Backboards come in a variety of sizes. They can range anywhere from 44” inches wide up to 72” inches wide. Regulation size NBA backboards are 72” wide and 42” high.

For most portable, driveway or backyard systems, you won’t need an NBA size backboard. Anything 48” or below would only be something you would want for small children to use. Backboards that measure 50” to 54” will be good for most driveways and are not to big or small for that space.

But if you’re a serious player and have the budget for it, consider a 60” backyard. This size will really give you the feel of playing on a regulation size basketball goal.


Adjustable Hoops

Most of today’s basketball hoop systems, whether in-ground or portable, will offer some type of adjustable height feature. Many of them have ranges anywhere from 7 to 10 feet in height, although there are some systems available that will allow to set the range as low as five feet.

You will want to look for a system that makes it easy to adjust the height of your hoop. You will want a system with an easy to use handle that adjusts the height within minutes. Many allow the handle to be removed for more parental control.


Benefits of Adjustable Hoops

There are several key benefits to using the adjustable basketball hoops. It allows you to adjust the height of your hoop to correspond to the age and size of your child. As they grow, the height can be increased so they also get a realistic feel for how a full-size hoop will be when they get to that point.

In addition, it can be more fun for players who want to experience the joy of dunking a basketball, something most can only dream of. Why not have a dunk contest with your friends. Now that would be a lot of fun!




But regardless of which type of basketball hoop or backboard you choose, the goal is to enjoy yourself while incorporating some good old fashioned exercise at the same time. Basketball is fun activity and the more you practice the better you’ll get.


Think about the fun you can have playing with friends, challenging your dad to a game or just knocking down shots on your own with the clock winding down.


So what are you waiting for?

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