The importance of playing sports in developing and enhancing children’s physical, social, mental, emotional, cognitive and imaginative strength cannot be overemphasized. When children play, they get the opportunity to use their imaginations and creativity to invent, explore and create. Playing sports, especially in a child’s own backyard, allows them to develop their brains, build their self-confidence and master their environment in the process. Creative sports play allows a child to work on their skill building while having fun pretending to play as their favorite athlete.

In today’s world kids usually need to be monitored by someone when they play outside to ensure safety and maximize their experience. Well, as a parent, you might be considering the stress of taking your children somewhere far for a tryout or activity, the cost of doing this and even the time-demand it places on you. The truth is you need not worry about all of these because you can bring the play home! Oh yes! Right into your backyard. And this comes with lots of advantages and benefits.

Below are 5 outlined benefits children get to enjoy when they learn how to play sports in their own Backyard.

  1. They get to Learn in a Safe and Comfortable Environment:

Safety is one key watch word in all areas and fields of human endeavors and existence. Playing in the backyard of your house where your kids can engage in different sporting activities provides a safe and comfortable place for children to play and explore their imaginative and creative skills under your supervision and protection as their parent. Your kids feel more relaxed and at ease when they play at home since they are already acquainted with the environment and need not go through taking the time trying to adapt to a new setting. Therefore they will be able to learn more in less time while feeling safe and enjoying it!

  1. It Helps your Children Build a Stronger Parent-Child Bond:

Spending quality time with your children can result in a more confident, secure and cooperative bond with you and your children. It is of great value in deepening the parent-child relationship.  Parents can allow their children to lead activities while they “tag along”. By doing so, you can monitor their character, and behavior and open up healthy conversations where they get to share personal issues that bother them and ask for your advice that will improve and strengthen them emotionally, socially and mentally.

  1. Your Kids get to Enjoy the Flexibility it Offers:

Having the sports game right in your backyard gives your children all the freedom they want. It allows them the liberty of returning to the court to repeat any new lesson or skill they’ve started to learn. Imagine your children who play basketball, watching Steph Curry or Maya Moore do a new but easy trick and want to try it too but have to run back to school or a friend’s place to do it. Sad. But your kids don’t have to go through all of that if there’s a court in their driveway or backyard.

Whenever they get bored or feel like blowing off some steam, they don’t have to worry what to do to help them pass the time. They can just walk right outside and find something fun to do which may even result discovering a new talent or skill.

  1. Your Kids become Exceptional Hosts to Invited Friends and Neighbors:

Playing on your favorite home court helps your kids relate and interact with other children, enhance their social development and build up their social skills. Your kids can become gracious hosts possessing the finest quality courtesy and manner. They just need some practice! They learn self-control, patience and how to positively encourage others. They can initiate conversations with peers that help them learn and grow; hence, making them more likely to be productive and helpful members of their community.

  1. Your Kids Don’t get Freaked Out by Routine:

Another benefit that a court or field at home can offer your kid is that they can return to their backyard quickly to repeat lessons learned and leave as often as they like. It does not tie up your kids to a particular timeframe or routine, and they are free to modify or change the system, pattern or rules of the games or sports they wish to play to suit their choice at any time. This can make the sport more fun and brings out the creativity in them.


In the midst of busy school schedules and nerve-wracking extra-curricular activities, your kids deserve a lively sport space where they learn and grow at their own speed to maximize results. In the process, they will discover and develop the skills they need to succeed in life.



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