Backyard fences are structures that enclose a particular area or space. These fences usually are constructed from stakes or poles connected by wires, boards, or netting. What are the differences between them?

Picking a Backyard Fence for Your Pet

Choosing a backyard fence for one’s pet can go a long way in the design of the exterior plan of the house. Although there are several factors that serve as guidelines for deciding what type of fence to use, two essential factors are security and safety. Other factors include:

  1. size of your pet
  2. temperament of your pet
  3. budget
  4. fencing regulations
  5. aesthetics
  6. privacy
  7. durability
  8. weather conditions of your area

So before deciding on the type of fence to use, be sure to carefully consider all factors pointed out above.

Considering the Different Types of Backyard Fences

  1. Chain Link

Although chain link fences perform the other primary functions of a fence quite well, it does not contribute much to the privacy of the home. However, they are quite less expensive, durable and do not require much maintenance compared to other options.

Very often homeowners decide to add a good quantity of flowers, vines, privacy slates and even shrubs on the outside of the fence when they choose to use this option. Though this may add a little sense of privacy, it is mainly for aesthetic purposes. They may decide to trim these flowers with a pinch of creativity.

  1. Aluminium Fencing

Aluminum fencing qualifies as one of the most attractive and basic fencing types. It also does not actually contribute much to the security of the home and neither is this fencing as strong as the homeowner may want to have it (it is not advisable to use this fence type in regions with severe weather conditions). But it comes with the advantage of being inexpensive and a relatively free maintenance cost when compared to other fence types listed in this article. During installation, the homeowner may decide to paint and decorate the fencing; this is the only maintenance fee that one may spend during the life span of this fence type.

  1. Solid Wood Fencing

Solid Wood Fencing ranks as the most popular fence type across the U.S.. This option allows the homeowner to enjoy the benefit of security and beauty, as compared to any found in the market. Solid wood fencing gives a warm and welcoming feeling without the stress of robbing a bank (it is not expensive). The size and height of this fence type are always proportional. The more timber used, the more costly the fence gets. And like most fences, they may take a while to install yourself completely. Then obviously, larger fences are more expensive than smaller ones. An added advantage of the solid wood is it can live through the life span of your house.

Note that the strength and lifespan of the solid wood fence depend solely on the grade or type of timber used, selected from an extensive list of available wood types.

  1. Electric and Invisible Fence

Electric and invisible fences are usually used to keep dogs within a certain limit using an invisible electricity field. Typically, the installation of this fence type involves burying a wire in a small trench dug along the desired boundary line. Then a wireless transmitter is mounted close to it to activate the wire. The third and last item for this fence type is the collar that receives signals from the wire. The collar is battery-powered and gives the dog a sound pitched warning whenever the dog is close to its boundary. However, whenever the animal crosses or goes beyond the boundary the collar will electrocute it. Pet owners may have strong feelings about this type of fence.

  1. Vinyl Fencing

Apart from the fact that it is expensive, vinyl fencing ranks as the best fence type. Although it comes with a higher initial installment cost, some manufacturers say it is almost four times more flexible and about five times stronger than solid wood fences. Vinyl fencing does not require maintenance, and it resists paint, which allows you to easily clean or wash (using a simple hose and soap) away any unwanted dirt or other stains. Long life expectancy and little to no maintenance is a win-win.

  1. Picket

A picket fence is usually a decorative fence distinguished by its uniformly spaced vertical poles, connected by horizontal members. They are predominant in the U.S. and quite easy and inexpensive to install. Because of their large spacing arrangements they are not ideal for privacy and do not offer much security. Do not go for this fence type unless the only priorities are aesthetics and beauty.

Speak with a professional if you are deciding what fence works best for you. It’s always good to be an educated consumer!

We advise homeowners to use Vinyl Fencing for its strength, beauty, and even its cost. Though the initial installation of this fence may be expensive, it’s the most cost effective kind of fencing, taking into consideration its long lifespan and low level of maintenance.


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