Building Your Best Basketball Court, at home!


When it comes to imagining basketball at home, you may not be thinking big enough! It’s easy to picture a run-of-the-mill backboard from a big box retailer, stuck above your garage door, a portable hoop filled with water rolled to the end of the driveway, or hoops where safety measures taken include using bricks or sand bags to keep it from falling. However, for you and your children, there’s so much more to be done with your practice space! Let’s go through some steps that will put you on track toward your own beautiful backyard court!


Map out your area! 🗺

Perhaps the biggest factor in getting your court set up will be the amount of space that you are able to work with!  Deep in the heart of the city? In a townhouse or brownstone?  We can do wonders and carve out some sporting space for you. If you are working with additional space (i.e. a driveway, backyard, etc) we help you plan, map out and maximize the space while taking into consideration the regulation basketball lines.  With My Backyard Sports, you can get a free quote and recommendations on your project of any size!   plus we’ll let you know what added features we can do to make your court customized and personal for you, your family and community!


Aside from space, there is plenty to consider, including surface material, hoop, and of course, customization! With My Backyard Sports, you have the ability to rep the hometown team every time you get your shots up! We can do anything from team logos to your family name built into the court, on the pole pad, whatever we can to meet your vision! It’s an extra special touch that truly makes your space feel personalized, and will have a higher quality aesthetic versus a concrete pad.


Financing 💲

Most homeowners assume that a professionally designed basketball court in their backyard is out of their price range. However, we know that it is possible to spread the benefits of playing sports daily without having a large budget.


In every case, the financial plan is unique! With this in mind, of course, it is important to have a plan that is right for you! No need to worry, you’re in good hands with the MBS team. We work with each client individually to maximize their budgets to bring them the most we can. From simple to elaborate options, we provide great deliverables with a WOW factor!  Our quoting process will allow for further discussion as well as payment plans with 0% APR, so if you’re looking to talk it over, just give us a call!


Confirm the benefits 👪

Sports can often be seen as just a way to get kids to exercise! However, it is a much more complex and beneficial activity for any child to regularly partake in. Aside from promoting physical health, Organized sports activity helps children develop and improve cognitive skills, according to a study that tracked kids from kindergarten through fourth grade (Piche, 2014). Physical activity in general is associated with improved academic achievement, including grades and standardized test scores. Further, such activity can affect attitudes and academic behavior, including enhanced concentration, attention, and improved classroom behavior (GAO, 2012).


On top of the educational benefits, it has also been shown that a child’s psyche can be improved for life through the social aspect of sports. Winning, losing, working together, practicing, and being gracious are all factors that can stem from sports, and parents have long seen these benefits. In fact, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard/NPR survey in 2015, showed the positive traits parents believe playing sports has had for their children: physical health (88%), giving the child something to do (83%), teaching discipline or dedication (81%), teaching how to get along with others (78%), mental health (73%), social life (65%), skills to help in future schooling (56%), and skills to help in a future career (55%). What may seem like just another activity for a child while they’re young can end up being one of the most developmental events they’ll undergo!


If your child is needing a nudge toward making sports a part of their everyday life or is falling in love with basketball more and more, a well-made court is a great addition to your home. Playing sports, especially in a child’s own backyard, allows them to develop their brains, build their self-confidence, and master their environment in the process. Relying on a court at their school or local park is certainly an option, but does not offer the security or accessibility of a home court. If you’re on the fence about bringing basketball toward your backyard, consider the above, and the My Backyard Sports team will help you build amazing customized courts for you to enjoy for years to come.

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