So you have invested in a mobile basketball hoop and are ready to set it up in the location of your choice. Well, at least it’s the location of your choice today. And that’s the beauty of the mobile system, if you need to move it later, you can.

But for now, you want to get it placed and ready for action. However, you also need to make sure your system is secure and stays put. You want it to have a firm base so that it reacts with the same action as a permanent system.

We have reviewed the various ways to secure your system and put together some pros and cons for each. Here is what we found.


Filling the Base with Water

Using water to fill the base is a common way to weigh down your portable system. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this method.


  • Using water is easy to do and is also easily accessible.
  • If you need to move your system later, filling it with water will actually make it weigh less than if filled with sand. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon as opposed to sand that weighs 13 pounds per gallon.
  • Water will cost less than using sand or another method to fill the base.



  • Water can evaporate which can make the unit less stable and require refilling.
  • If the base cracks, leaks can occur and also make the unit unstable.
  • Unless emptied in the winter months or antifreeze is added, water can freeze and crack the base.
  • Using water is actually a pro and a con. It is a pro because it is lighter and easier to move. But it’s a con in that it’s lighter weight makes it less stable than a heavier alternative.


Filling the Base with Sand

Another popular alternative is using sand to weigh down your basketball goal. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this method.



  • As mentioned, sand is heavier than water and weighs more. System bases can normally hold up to 35 gallons and at 13 pounds per gallon you will have over 450 pounds of support for your system.
  • Should the base crack, you will notice sand where the crack is located but it will not leak like water does.
  • Sand is recommended over water because the system will be much more stable due to the added weight.



  • If you need to move your system later, it will be physically more difficult due to the added weight.
  • The cost of filling your system with sand is obviously more expensive that if you used your garden hose to fill it with water.


Other Solution

BaseGel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer. This solution is on the market in 16oz size. When mixed with water, it will absorb up to 400 pounds and turn to a leak proof gel.



  • Easy to add. Mix with water and fill the water to the recommended fill line.
  • Cost is much less than sand and can be mixed with water.
  • Even if the base cracks, the system will not leak.
  • Gel can be returned to liquid when adding a salt and water solution should you need to drain and move the system.


  • Still may be slightly less weight than an all sand base.
  • Small cost needed to buy the BaseGel product.


Other Considerations

Cinder Blocks

The use of cinder blocks has more risks than benefits. Whether you are using them to add extra weight or on their own, they can move, flip over or players could fall into them and be injured.

Bricks, Cement Bags or Sandbags

These are things that are also not recommended due to the fact that they are not secure, can be moved around during play and also cause injury.

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