Parenting Is Great, Yet Tiring

As parents, there are usually two different types of moods we are in. The loving and caring mood where we want to enjoy special time playing outdoors with our children and creating memories and bonds that will last a lifetime. There are other times where we just need a break from our kids, an adult time out if you will, where we want to get some of our sanity back. Problem is that is easier said than done when you have children who live with you too! There is one creative activity and fun sport that can help solve your issues! Based off of the title of this article, you may have already guessed what it is, but we’ll tell you anyway. That’s right –   Gaga!

What is Gaga?

Before we go further, you may be asking exactly what Gaga is if you have never heard of it. Gaga, also known as Israeli Dodgeball, is a game usually played with one ball (although several balls can be used when playing with larger groups – at least more than 10 of you). The game combines dodging, striking, running and jumping, with the goal of being the last person standing. The enclosed perimeter area that you play in is actually a Gaga pit, but who really wants to play in something referred to as “a pit.” That does not sound like it would be fun! So we prefer to call it a Gaga court!

How Do You Play

The ball goes into play by tossing the ball in the air and as it bounces, shouting Ga Ga Ga. The ball should stay as often as possible on the ground. Players hit the ball at each other with their hands and are eliminated if the ball hits them on, or below, the knee. You can only hit the ball once (slapping at it with an open palm) until it hits another player or side of your Gaga Court. Some people try to build their own Gaga court, but best to find a professional. It will look fantastic and hold up long term for years to come, filled with enjoyment. Some add a family or company logo to further enhance their court. Gaga can be played with as few as two people, as a group of individuals, or as teams.

Why Do Parents Love It So Much?

Because their kids own it form the very start! It does not matter what your skill level is, or your age, you can compete and have fun. Even if you get hit and are out, you can stick around and cheer on the rest of the group until everyone goes right back in. Other sports tend to have children emulate other famous players as they learn to play. Gaga makes every child unique from the very beginning. Often they are the ones teaching the parents how to play! As a parent, jump right in and participate if you are ready. Just because you are older does not guarantee a Gaga victory, but it will guarantee family fun. Tired and need a break or too tired to play at all? A Gaga court makes sure all participants are in a contained area. Invite your friends and neighbor’s children over to play. The kids won’t be all over the place and hard to account for. They all will be playing Gaga in one contained area, laughing and smiling along the way.  A chance for some extended relaxed adult conversations will be near!   The right professional can help turn your Gaga court into a work of art, bringing it even more life and can be a decorative piece on your property all the time. Enjoy!



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