• FCH885-XXL –  72 x 42  Clear-view Backboard, 8×8 pole, 5 foot overhang – $3024
  • TPT885-XXL  72 x 42  H Frame Backboard 8×8 pole, 5 foot overhang –  $2924
  • FCH684-XXL –  72 x 42 Clear-view Backboard, 4 foot overhang –  $2624
  • TPT684-XXL – 72 x 42 H Frame Backboard, 4 foot overhang – $2524

*Please note that the pole, base, and backboard pads are all included for safety as well as aesthetic purposes.

CLICK HERE to view full descriptions and features of each 72″ backboard hoop listed above 

If you need any assistance choosing the best unit for your space, simply email us a picture of your space and we will gladly assist you.


Shipping/Freight/Pallet Removal

Our Shipping-Freight and Pallet Removal ($199) includes our standard VIP hand delivery, clean up and legal disposal of wood pallets the pole and backboard arrive on. Most municipalities will not take the wood pallets. For safety and liability reasons we remove them and legally recycle them. The various hoop models weigh close to 800 lbs.


Our price to install a 72” Hoop in the Ground into Grass is $895.  These hoops weigh close to 700-800 lbs., require a deep hole with top quality concrete installed over a few days and multiple men to do the installation.
  • Installing into Asphalt is an extra $175 as this requires precise cutting and special tools to carefully and safely cut the asphalt so as create the proper size hole but not damage the overall surface. This is a very precise act that requires a very senior skill set.  Our job is to not only install the hoop safely and build a proper anchor but to ensure the appearance of the property and that the asphalt cut is done safely from a structural perspective. Since we are using power tools this pricing reflects our insurance obligations to properly approach the job.
  • Installing into Concrete is an extra $245. This includes disposal of concrete which requires transportations and dumping fees.
  • If you require a removal prior to installation, please contact us for pricing.
We contact 811 as part of the Installation Process: 
We take the hoop installation process very seriously to ensure the safety when digging.  We coordinate with 811, the Legal Dig Line to have them confirm the location of the hoop installation is safe and our digging will not interfere with any gas, oil, electrical, water, cable and telephone lines.  Once 811 gives us the green light – the installation process is a 2 day project set over a minimum of 3 days so the concrete can cure after the anchor is set.


**Please note that the fastest legal installation is 12-14 days – this includes coordinating with the utility companies (generally about 4-6 days) to ensure a safe dig, digging the hole and then returning 3-5 days after  the concrete has had time to cure and firm. 

Line/Court Painting Options:

The price to paint the basketball court lines is $895.  We will draw the lines based off of High School Basketball Dimensions.  This will include:
  1. The charge area underneath the basket
  2. The blocks to line up for the free throws
  3. The lines above the blocks for additional players to also line up for free throws
  4. The foul line
  5. The semicircle above the foul line
  6. The HS 3 point line which touches the semi-circle above the 3 point line
  • Additionally, we can also paint the college and NBA 3 points lines above the HS 3 point line (an additional fee)
  • Key/Lane Painting is also available ($1750)




























If you are interested in a Full Color Court we can send you information via a separate email.  We are able to paint full color courts in multiple colors and can also add in additional sport markings such as Volley Ball, 4-Square, Hockey, Pickle Ball, etc.  This will include resurfacing agents as a base layer on asphalt.




Pole Pad Customization ($150-$300):

A great addition to the basketball courts are customized Pole Pads. This can include names, logos, designs and any customization you prefer (side pole pad customization are available too ).

Please CLICK HERE to view the descriptions and features of each 72″ backboard hoop listed above 

If you need any assistance choosing the best unit for your space, simply email us a picture of your space and we will gladly assist you.

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