Following is a description of our Line Painting and Court Painting offerings. We offer indoor as well as outdoor court painting.  We can customize the courts with any designs, colors and preferred sizes.  Below you will also find some images to show you a range of our work and/or your can view videos and additional pictures at: https://mybackyardsports.com/video-gallery/.

After you review the below, please let us know which project type you are interested in and if you’d like for us to reserve your spot on the schedule. Please send us a picture of your proposed space so that it can be reviewed and you will receive a call to discuss your customized details and final pricing.  



Line Painting ($895)*

The price to paint basketball court (single color) lines is $895.
Several color options are available. We will draw the lines based off of High School Basketball Dimensions including:
  1. The charge area underneath the basket
  2. The blocks to line up for the free throws
  3. The lines above the blocks for additional players to also line up for free throws
  4. The foul line
  5. The semicircle above the foul line
  6. The HS 3 point line which touches the semi-circle above the 3 point line
  • Additionally, we can also paint the College 3 Point Line ($125) and NBA 3 point line ($150).
  • Key/Lane Painting is also available (an additional charge of $1750)

*Please note that colors may vary based on the surface type, condition and humidity. Cracks may appear due to these same variables but we do our best to work within these limitations. Additionally, with outdoor painting, chalk is used to do measurements and will wash away with rain. 

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We recommend Power Washing prior to getting your lines painted to maximize paint adhesion.  If you’d like to add this to your service, please do let us know to see if we have availability to assist you.  Prices start at $395 and increase based on the size of the court area or if the entire driveway will be washed.  Power Washing should be done at least 2 days prior to our line painting service.




























The painting of the interior key/lane is $1750.






















$2750+ depending on the complexity of the design and condition of the surface.

Pricing of full court painting for basketball, pickleball and tennis varies in price depending on the complexity of the design and condition of the surface.

At MBS, we are able to paint full color courts in multiple colors and logos.

Pricing depends on several variables such as the size of the court being painted, the surface material, complexity of the logos interested in, painting versus tiling, unique shades and tones, etc.

Additionally, we can add other sport markings such as Volleyball, 4-Square, Hockey, Pickleball, etc.

This will include resurfacing agents as a base layer on asphalt.

The goal is to create a great Home Court experience for the children and family to share and to get outside and off the electronic screens. This is a great way for young players to practice on a high quality court and grow/gain confidence in their game right at home.





































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